David Simon and Eric Overmyer's television drama on New Orleans

The Station

Welcome! This is a resource page, a station as it were, with links heading to as many destinations as HBO’s TV Series Treme has inspired. When you want to find something quickly, or dig deeper into all things relevant to the show, hopefully this single page will be as helpful to you as it is to me.  If there are sites you think should be featured here, please suggest them in the comments.

The official blog is Inside Treme.

The TV Series on IMDB and Wikipedia

The definitive sites for New Orleans and blogging on HBO’s Treme:

Blogs dedicated to the sound and music of Treme

Special Articles

Cast Related

  • Lucia Micarelli’s (Annie) MySpace
  • Khandi Alexander (LaDonna) – “an extraordinary woman in ordinary clothes” The Washington Post.

New Orleans General Info

Other Sites

The Guardian’s Comprehensive coverage on The Wire and Generation Kill

Satire: Horatio Bucklesby Ogden’s The Wire

Quotefully Yours: The Wire.

The Wire Round Table

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